Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons to hire a home inspector, but the main points for the average clients would be:

For Home Buyers:

  • Investment Protection: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the house’s condition to protect your investment.
  • Surprise Prevention: Minimize unexpected issues and use identified problems as negotiation leverage.
  • Renovation Guidance: Utilize the inspection report as a roadmap for post-purchase renovations.

For Home Sellers:

  •  Issue Identification: Discover hidden problems, especially in areas like roofs, attics, crawlspaces, and systems.
  • Pre-emptive Action: Address issues before listing to streamline the selling process.

For Homeowners/Landlords:

  • Property Maintenance: Periodic inspections offer insights into the overall condition of your property.
  • Repair Guidance: Use inspection reports as a guide for prioritizing and implementing necessary repairs.
  • Long-Term Investment: Ensure your property remains a sound investment through proactive maintenance.

Whether you’re buying, selling, or managing a property, a home inspection serves as a crucial tool for informed decision-making and proactive maintenance.

Our inspections comprehensively assess all major systems within a house. The reports you receive will be categorized into the following sections:

  1. Roof
  2. Exterior
  3. Electrical System
  4. Plumbing System
  5. HVAC System
  6. Heating System
  7. Cooling System
  8. Interior
  9. Ventilation and Insulation
  10. Structural

This categorization allows for a clear overview of the property’s condition across key areas.

  • Booking the Inspection:

If you choose my services, start by booking the inspection. This can be done online, via phone/text, or through email for non-urgent inquiries. Most clients prefer a quick call.


  • Providing Information:

Upon contact, I’ll ask for general details about the house and your contact information (email, phone, address). You’ll then receive an agreement requiring your signature.


  • Accepting the Agreement:

The agreement contains information on the inspection address and cost. Click the accept button at the bottom of the page to confirm and proceed.


  • Payment Process:

Once the contract is accepted, an invoice for the inspection will be automatically generated and sent. Payment can be made immediately or after the inspection, but it must be settled before receiving the report.


  • Conducting the Inspection:

I will perform the inspection, and you have the option to join if you wish.


  • Report Delivery:

After the inspection, I’ll work on the report. Within 24hrs, it will be sent to you via email with a link leading to the PDF report. Downloading and storing a copy is recommended. Note that the link will be accessible only after payment is confirmed.


  • Review Meeting:

Following report receipt, I will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the findings and answer any questions over the phone. While some prefer just the report, this meeting provides an opportunity for clarification and additional queries.


  • Post-Meeting Support:

After the meeting, I’m still available for any future questions via email or booking on the phone, leveraging my copy of your report for reference.


This structured process ensures a smooth and comprehensive experience throughout the inspection and reporting stages.

The costs for inspections can be found on the Services and pricing page of our website. Generally, for a single-family house, prices start at $525. Additional costs may apply based on the size and age of the house, as well as extra features such as secondary suites, carriage houses, and secondary buildings, and there is a travel fee calculated by distance.

While it’s not mandatory, you’re more than welcome to join! Just a heads-up, my insurance covers my actions only, so I’d be going solo climbing roofs or venturing into attics and crawlspaces. Feel free to attend as much or as little as you’d like. I find it works best for me to conduct the inspection and address questions periodically, allowing me to focus on delivering a thorough report. If you’re interested, I’m happy to share insights and thoughts as I go along! Whether you join or not, I will organize a phone meeting to go over everything and answer your questions.

The duration varies based on the size, age, and additional features of the house. Typically, an average inspection takes around 4 hours. Following the inspection, I’ll diligently work on the report, which you can expect to receive via email within 24 hours.

The individual who arranges the inspection is responsible for the payment. Whether it’s the buyer, seller, or a home manager, each party derives unique benefits from the inspection process. The resulting report belongs to the purchaser, who can decide whether to share it or keep it confidential for personal reference.

The report is provided exclusively to the person who booked the inspection. The contents of the report are kept confidential and are only shared with the individual who made the booking. However, if a serious safety risk is discovered during the inspection, I have a duty of care to inform the homeowner. Otherwise, the report remains private between myself and the person who booked the inspection. Once they receive the report, they are free to share its contents with anyone they choose, as it is their report.